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Coodart Empowers Prominent Minerals Firm with Revolutionary Stem Ecosystem Integration

Transforming the Minerals Industry: Coodart Empowers Leading Firm with Cutting-Edge Stem Ecosystem

Coodart, a specialist in smart technology and office design, has successfully improved the audio quality for both in-person and virtual attendees at the head office of one of Europe’s largest mineral producers.


By implementing the Shure Stem Ecosystem, Coodart has transformed the office space and created a conducive environment for collaboration and productivity.


Initially, the project aimed to establish a collaborative and comfortable workspace for employees. However, after consulting with the client, Coodart expanded the scope to include a complete redesign of the conference room, focusing on enhancing acoustics and facilitating efficient communication.


To meet the requirements of the boardroom, which spanned over 14 meters in length, audio pickup capabilities were crucial during the planning phase.


The Shure Stem Ecosystem proved to be the ideal solution as it seamlessly integrated with popular communication platforms like Barco ClickShare and Huddly cameras.

The system comprised Stem table and ceiling speakers, microphones, and a Stem hub to connect all the devices. Moreover, its flexible design allowed for additional devices to be added as needed.


The standout feature of the Stem Ecosystem was its three pickup patterns, resulting in an immediate and significant enhancement in audio quality. This improvement benefited both the participants in the room and those attending remotely.


Additionally, the system’s audio fencing feature created a “protective bubble” around the speakers, effectively blocking out extraneous noise and focusing solely on capturing audio from the conference room table.


Philip Stoddart, the managing director of Coodart, expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating, “We collaborated closely with the client from the initial design phase to the final delivery.


The Shure Stem solution not only provided high-quality audio, microphones, and speakers but also seamlessly integrated into the overall meeting space design.”


Stoddart further explained the simplicity of the Stem ecosystem, emphasizing its ability to streamline meeting room complexities. By plugging in the device and activating the room adapt button, the system automatically emitted a series of tones to measure the reverberation within the room.


This data allowed the device to calibrate itself and deliver optimal sound quality tailored to the specific room environment.


Source: AVInteractive

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