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Introducing AV SOS: Revolutionizing Audio-Visual Support with Lightning-Fast Assistance

Say Goodbye to Tech Woes: Experience Seamless Audio-Visual Support in Minutes!


Visually Connected Worldwide has recently introduced AV SOS, a rapid support service that aims to provide users with prompt audio-visual assistance.

The AV SOS support service offers real-time technical aid by allowing users to send a message through Visually Connected Worldwide’s support chat platform to connect with a team of experts. The dedicated support team strives to provide swift responses and works virtually to resolve any issues encountered.

According to Visually Connected Worldwide, utilizing this method enables them to remotely resolve 88% of client issues within minutes. If the problem cannot be resolved online, they arrange for local support to visit the client’s location.

Sussi Murphy, CEO of Visually Connected Worldwide, expressed, “We value our clients’ satisfaction and the long-term functionality of their audio-visual solutions.

Our super-fast support service has been developed to assure our clients that we are always there for them. If any issues arise, we can remotely fix most problems within minutes, ensuring uninterrupted meetings. Our aim is to eliminate workplace tech stress and bring smiles to our clients’ faces.”


Source: Inavate

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