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Landscape Audio System

Music and PA at Matrimandir Amphitheatre  


Sqft Covered


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Audio System for Meditation and Music

Auroville, an experimental township in India, is dedicated to human unity and sustainable living. At its heart lies the Matrimandir, a spiritual and architectural marvel with a golden sphere that serves as a meditation center. Adjacent to the Matrimandir is the amphitheatre, a serene open space used for community gatherings and cultural events, enhancing the township’s ethos of collective harmony and inner reflection.

Rack Mixer

Yamaha TF1 Rack used with iPad Control as there was no FOH location available. 

Moveable System

Workflow for adding additional inventory during larger events

Environmental Speakers

Bose FS360P for providing soft music and program audio for meditation. 

Power Conditioning

Used to protect the system from unstable rural power line. 

Brands Used

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