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Transform traditional learning environments into dynamic hubs of innovation and discovery through Smart Technology Solutions.


We listen and understand your challenges & craft bespoke solutions that address your requirement as per the budgets of the project.


Our integrated build and systems integration services guarantee secure, scalable, and reliable technology systems.


Benefit from our comprehensive support services offering end-to-end care ensuring your systems remain operational and efficient.

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Our Solutions for education

Interactive Classroom Technology

Foster active learning with interactive displays, digital whiteboards, and collaboration tools. Our solutions enable teachers to deliver dynamic lessons, encourage student participation, and facilitate group discussions.

Distance Learning Platforms

Connect students and educators virtually with robust distance learning platforms. Our solutions offer video conferencing, live streaming, and content sharing capabilities, enabling seamless remote learning experiences from anywhere.

Technology-Enhanced Laboratories

Equip laboratories with the latest technology for hands-on learning. Our solutions include advanced equipment, simulation software, and interactive displays to create immersive and interactive learning experiences for students.

Auditorium Audiovisual Systems

Enhance presentations and events in auditoriums with cutting-edge audiovisual systems. Our solutions feature high-definition projection, surround sound, and live streaming capabilities to deliver impactful multimedia experiences.

WIFI and IT Services

Provide seamless WiFi connectivity and IT support for students and faculty. Our solutions include campus-wide WiFi coverage, device management, cybersecurity measures, and helpdesk support to ensure a smooth and secure digital learning environment.

Campus Network Infrastructure

Build robust and scalable network infrastructure to support campus-wide connectivity. Our solutions include wired and wireless network design, installation, and management, ensuring reliable and high-speed internet access for all users.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Streamline course management and delivery with advanced learning management systems. Our solutions offer features for content creation, distribution, assessment, and analytics, empowering educators to deliver personalized and engaging learning experiences.

Campus Security Solutions

Ensure campus safety with comprehensive security solutions. Our offerings include CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, emergency notification systems, and visitor management solutions to protect students, staff, and facilities.

Collaborative Tools and Software

Foster collaboration and communication among students and faculty with collaborative tools and software. Our solutions include online collaboration platforms, project management tools, and communication apps to facilitate teamwork and knowledge sharing.

We provide you with

Expert Consultation
Access to industry-leading expertise and guidance for optimal outcomes.
Tailored Solutions
Customized services to meet your unique needs and objectives.
Seamless Integration
Integration of cutting-edge technology and facilities for streamlined operations.
Single Point of Accountability
We streamline communication, coordination, and execution, ensuring efficiency and clarity throughout the process.
Ongoing Support
Continuous assistance and management to ensure sustained success.

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Discover our acclaimed projects, celebrated and awarded for excellence across diverse platforms and industries.

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Our Professional Services

Creating innovative experiences by fusing Architecture, Communication, Technology and People.
Technology Design Consulting

Technology Design Consulting

Multi-discipline design consulting across Audio Visual & Information Communication Technology (ICT), Lighting & Acoustics.

System Integration

System Integration

Excellence in Installation, Engineering, Hardware & Software, Fabrication, Testing, Project Management, Documentation and More

Managed Services & AMC

Managed Services & AMC

Ensure Maximum Uptime, Utilization & ROI. We offer Proactive, Reactive On-Site, On-Call or Remote services.

Program Management

Program Management

Overseeing & Coordinating a group of related projects and activities across Geographies. 



Workspaces, Homes to Architectural Marvels, we carry one-of-a-kind expertise in Designing, Installing and Managing diverse lighting solutions.

Manpower & Outsourcing

Manpower & Outsourcing

Hire, Onboard and deploy an efficient AV-IT workforce to provide support within your walls while maintaining Privacy & High Standards of Compliance.

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Most requested queries answered.

We understand that choosing the right provider is a crucial decision. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of common questions asked.

What technology do you need in a conference room?
What technology do you need in a conference room? A conference room should have a list of technologies. However, some of the essentials include digital whiteboards, screens, audio-visual systems, projectors, and video conferencing equipment.
What is AV in a room?
The audio visual systems required for board rooms, are usually the most advanced multimedia solutions that any organization will invest in, since it is generally the boardroom that hosts the most crucial meetings with external people, or where critical internal decisions are made.
What are AV equipment?
AV stands for audio-visual equipment and includes any electronic device used to create audio and visual experiences. Audio and visual equipment covers many things, including microphones, speakers and other audio equipment, video cameras, and display devices.
What is boardroom automation?
Conference room automation is the technology that can empower you to manage multiple collaboration tasks via a simple and intuitive user interface – usually a touch panel or keypad.