Delivering Exceptional Guest Experiences

Elevate your hospitality offerings and create unforgettable experiences for your guests.


We listen and understand your challenges & craft bespoke solutions that address your requirement as per the budgets of the project.


Our integrated build and systems integration services guarantee secure, scalable, and reliable technology systems.


Benefit from our comprehensive support services offering end-to-end care ensuring your systems remain operational and efficient.

Level up your guest experience technology digital game

Our Solutions for Enterprise and Workspace

Background Music

From soothing tunes in the lobby to vibrant beats in the bar, our solutions are designed to complement every space in your venue.

Video Distribution

Our systems ensure high-quality video is seamlessly delivered to every corner of your property, from guest rooms to common areas.

Room Scheduling

Our systems simplify the booking process and ensure seamless coordination, making it easy for guests and staff to manage meeting spaces effectively.

WIFI and Networking

Our systems provide reliable, high-speed internet access throughout your property, enhancing the guest experience and supporting your operational needs.

Facade lighting

Illuminate your building’s exterior with our advanced facade lighting solutions, designed to enhance architectural aesthetics and create a captivating night-time presence.


With our expertise in design, technology, and hospitality, we help you transform your banquet facility into a premier destination for weddings, conferences, and special occasions.

Lighting Management

Our systems provide intelligent control over lighting environments, creating perfect settings for every occasion while optimizing energy use.

Entertainment Venues

We provide comprehensive services to enhance audio-visual experiences, streamline operations, and create immersive environments that captivate guests.

CCTV and Video Analytics

Our comprehensive offerings provide robust surveillance capabilities and actionable insights to protect your property, enhance safety, and improve efficiency.

In-Room Technology

Our systems seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies to provide convenience, entertainment, and comfort for your guests.

DJ and Dance-floor

We offer comprehensive services tailored to DJs and venues, ensuring seamless integration, superior audio quality, and unforgettable dance-floor experiences.

Digital Signage

With our versatile displays, intuitive content management systems, and advanced features, we help you deliver impactful messaging and engage your audience effectively.

Noteable Projects

We provide you with

Expert Consultation
Access to industry-leading expertise and guidance for optimal outcomes.
Tailored Solutions
Customized services to meet your unique needs and objectives.
Seamless Integration
Integration of cutting-edge technology and facilities for streamlined operations.
Single Point of Accountability
We streamline communication, coordination, and execution, ensuring efficiency and clarity throughout the process.
Ongoing Support
Continuous assistance and management to ensure sustained success.

Our Professional Services

Creating innovative experiences by fusing Architecture, Communication, Technology and People.
Technology Design Consulting

Technology Design Consulting

Multi-discipline design consulting across Audio Visual & Information Communication Technology (ICT), Lighting & Acoustics.

System Integration

System Integration

Excellence in Installation, Engineering, Hardware & Software, Fabrication, Testing, Project Management, Documentation and More

Managed Services & AMC

Managed Services & AMC

Ensure Maximum Uptime, Utilization & ROI. We offer Proactive, Reactive On-Site, On-Call or Remote services.

Program Management

Program Management

Overseeing & Coordinating a group of related projects and activities across Geographies. 



Workspaces, Homes to Architectural Marvels, we carry one-of-a-kind expertise in Designing, Installing and Managing diverse lighting solutions.

Manpower & Outsourcing

Manpower & Outsourcing

Hire, Onboard and deploy an efficient AV-IT workforce to provide support within your walls while maintaining Privacy & High Standards of Compliance.

Most requested queries answered.

We understand that choosing the right provider is a crucial decision. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of common questions asked.

What scope can Qubix take up for hospitality projects.

An AV integrator in a hotel handles the design, installation, and integration of audio-visual systems throughout the property, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced guest experiences. They also provide training, support, and customized solutions for various hotel areas and events.

What technologies can Qubix implement in hotels ?

Qubix can implement advanced technology in a hotel such as high-definition video conferencing systems in meeting rooms, automated lighting and sound systems for event spaces, and interactive digital signage in common areas. They can also provide in-room entertainment systems, centralized control panels, and robust Wi-Fi networks to enhance the guest experience.

Does Qubix offer financing options for Hotel AV integration projects?

Qubix offers flexible financing options to accommodate hotel budgets and financial planning.

What scope has Qubix addressed in previous hospitality projects?
  • Audio Systems: Distributed audio for public areas, meeting rooms, and event spaces, including background music and PA systems.
  • Video Displays: High-definition TVs, digital signage, video walls, and projectors for conference rooms and common areas.
  • Control Systems: Centralized control panels for lighting, HVAC, and AV equipment.
  • Video Conferencing: Advanced systems for business meetings and conferences.
  • Interactive Displays: Touchscreens for directories, information kiosks, and guest services.
  • In-Room Entertainment: Smart TVs, streaming services, and automated room controls.
  • Network Infrastructure: High-speed internet, Wi-Fi, and network management systems.
  • Lighting Control: Automated lighting systems for ambiance and energy efficiency.
  • Security Systems: CCTV, access control, and integrated alarm systems.
  • Event Technology: Advanced sound and lighting systems for ballrooms and event spaces.