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Microsoft Teams Rooms by Qubix

Organize meetings with inclusive collaboration

Turn any space into a smart meeting room designed for inclusive collaboration, where everyone can fully participate.

Richly intelligent and inclusive

Foster inclusive and collaborative meetings for everyone to fully engage and participate.

Flexible, scalable, and easy to use

Create scalable meeting spaces anyone can join using certified, rigorously tested devices.

Easy to deploy, manage, & secure

Save time with easy deployment, reduce complexity with AI-powered management, and keep devices secured.

Level up your meeting spaces collaboration

Learn about the features designed to provide AI-powered meeting experiences that bring people closer together.

Inclusive and interactive meetings

Ai-Powered audio and video

Deliver advanced, intelligent audio and video experiences with noise suppression to help everyone participate as if they were in the same space.

Inclusive video layouts 

Foster deeper connection between in-person and remote participants through inclusive video layouts. Focus participants by spotlighting important video and content.

Wireless content sharing 

Easily share content and collaborate in meetings in real time using PowerPoint Live and Excel Live from a personal device, with no cables or wires required.

Intelligent speakers 

With intelligent speakers, every voice is precisely detected, enhancing Copilot in Teams meeting recaps, subtitles, and transcripts.

Companion devices 

Use your personal device in a meeting room to share, control, and engage, with features that include chat and live reactions.

Real-time collaboration and co-creation 

Participate in whiteboard sessions, co-edit documents, and collaborate with Microsoft 365 apps during meetings.

Intelligent content capture 

Use a content camera and AI processing to enhance and digitally share physical objects, such as whiteboards and books, so they appear clear and vibrant.

Easy to use for all

Intuitive Teams experiences
Enjoy intuitive touch controls and familiar experiences across all your spaces and devices with the Teams app.
Surface Hub
Use the Surface Hub mobile touch board as a Teams Room for co-creation and advanced collaboration.
Microsoft calendar sync
Easily book a room by adding it to meeting invitations or from a Microsoft Teams wall panel.
One-touch join
Instantly join meetings and engage the AI-powered audio and video equipment with one touch.
Proximity join
Detect and join nearby Teams Rooms meetings using your personal device—with audio muted automatically to avoid feedback.

Simplified deployment and management

Devices, software, and services secured by design

Strengthen security profiles on personal, shared, and room devices using Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Add peace of mind with Teams devices.

Teams admin center for device deployment and management

Access essential Teams device enrollment, provisioning, and management through the Teams admin center.

AI-enhanced meeting rooms management and monitoring

Easily use the Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal to manage devices from various brands and operating systems. Access AI-powered guidance and insights, and keep your device secured.

Certified Teams Rooms devices partners 

Deliver meeting solutions for every space and every size 

Designed to seat 18 or more people, large meeting spaces are great for formal presentations, large team gatherings, and collaboration across work groups.

Share ideas and connect with up to eleven people in the room and many more online.

Ideate and collaborate in spaces perfect for accommodating three to five people in the room while others attend remotely.

Flexible and Scalable

Scalable for any room size

From focus rooms to world-class boardrooms, turn any space into a smart meeting room.

Multiple types of devices

Access Teams Rooms using different device types including modular, integrated, and board devices.

Supports Windows and Android

Get Teams Rooms core functionality for both Windows and Android operating systems.

Flexible interoperability options

Join meetings from legacy video conferencing devices and other meeting solutions by using the direct guest join feature within Teams Rooms.

Reserve a temporary workspace

Create a personal workspace in a shared environment by reserving a temporary desk. Access personal chats and files with hot desking on a Teams display.

Teams panels

Quickly view location and meeting details to efficiently access and reserve available meeting spaces using a management solution on a wall-mounted device.

Microsoft Teams Room queries answered.

We understand that choosing the right provider is a crucial decision. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of common questions asked.

What is the benefit of a native, purpose-built solution such as Microsoft Teams Rooms?
Teams Rooms run software that’s built on top of the powerful Teams platform and designed for use on Teams Rooms devices and shared hybrid meeting scenarios. The Teams Rooms app delivers inclusive and easy-to-use meeting experiences that take both in-room and remote attendees into consideration. Teams Rooms Basic and Teams Rooms Pro are device licenses that enable this native app experience. See Teams Rooms plans and pricing for more information.
What devices are certified for Microsoft Teams?
Teams Rooms is scalable across a variety of meeting spaces, with a spectrum of Teams certified devices from various manufacturers. Microsoft Teams certification is a badge of quality for select audio and video devices. It tells you Microsoft and its partners worked together to optimize these devices for use with Microsoft Teams and that both Microsoft and the device manufacturers stand behind your solution. Check out the list of certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.
How much does Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic cost?
Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic is included at no charge for rooms equipped with any Microsoft Teams Rooms device. It is limited to 25 rooms per customer.
How much does Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro cost?
Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and businesses to publish their websites on the internet. It involves storing your website files and data on a server that remains connected to the internet 24/7. Hosting is essential for making your website accessible to users worldwide.
What are the benefits included with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro?
Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro delivers what customers need for productive hybrid meetings and managing room operations at scale — now in one single license. Teams Rooms Pro includes all the core features available in Teams Rooms Basic, plus enhanced in-room meeting experiences such as intelligent audio and video, multiscreen support, and a full set of device management capabilities. Teams Rooms Pro is the recommended license for enterprise customers and smaller organizations with larger room counts or more advanced needs.
Can I try Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro before purchasing?
Yes, customers can try a free 60-day trial for up to 25 licenses.
What are Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms?
Signature Teams Rooms are designed with next-generation room standards, making collaboration easier and interactions more engaging and inclusive across your meeting spaces. In medium and large spaces, a curved table encircles the audiovisual (AV) equipment stack and faces a large, 21:9 aspect ratio display to foster more immersive connections with remote participants. For smaller rooms, a gumdrop or guitar pick-shaped table helps achieve that same degree of face-to-face engagement.

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