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WeWork Unveils the Globe’s Most Extensive Mersive Solstice Network

In a groundbreaking move, WeWork has deployed Mersive Technologies’ Solstice collaboration platform across more than 500 of its coworking locations worldwide. This ambitious endeavor marks the world’s largest Mersive Solstice estate and promises to redefine the way WeWork members collaborate within their shared spaces.

One of the standout features of the Solstice collaboration platform is its ability to facilitate frictionless collaboration. It offers nearly instantaneous screen sharing, eliminating the delays that can often hinder productivity in shared workspaces. WeWork members can seamlessly share their screens, enhancing their ability to work together effectively.


Furthermore, Solstice brings a new level of integration to WeWork by allowing the coworking giant to link its booking systems with Mersive’s Dynamic Digital Signage. This integration streamlines the user experience, making it easier for members to reserve spaces and access the technology they need.


Jacob Robinson, Director of Engineering at WeWork, highlights the critical aspect that drew WeWork to the Mersive Solstice collaboration platform: reliability. Unlike competing solutions that required constant reboots and suffered from poor device uptime, Mersive’s technology stood out for its reliability and modern features—all at a comparable or lower cost.


The scale of this deployment is impressive, with over 15,000 Solstice Pods deployed across more than 500 WeWork locations. Managing such an extensive network demands scalability and ease of management. Solstice Cloud rises to the challenge, simplifying the deployment and management of new Pods. Configuration templates and scheduled updates make it effortless for WeWork to optimize room usage.


One of the platform’s standout features is web-based sharing. This functionality automatically loads security certificates, reducing friction in the sharing process and minimizing support calls. It empowers users to start sharing their screens within seconds, a critical feature in WeWork’s environment, where time is often billed by the room.


Mersive Solstice goes beyond traditional collaboration tools with its Dynamic Digital Signage feature. Hosted web pages allow for endless customization, and WeWork has leveraged motion sensors to enhance the user experience. When movement is detected in a room, a welcome message appears on the screen. If a room isn’t booked, a message prompts the occupant to make a reservation, optimizing space utilization and reducing conference-room squatting.


Jacob Robinson notes the significant impact of this innovation on member experiences, reporting a notable decrease in complaints and support tickets since the deployment of digital signage. WeWork is pushing the boundaries of what digital signage can achieve with Mersive, offering a fully customized experience to its members.


Alan Young, Mersive’s Chief Product Officer and CISO, acknowledges the valuable partnership with WeWork, emphasizing the platform’s constant evolution based on customer feedback. This collaboration has not only improved the WeWork experience but also driven innovation that benefits all Solstice users.


In summary, WeWork’s deployment of Mersive’s Solstice collaboration platform represents a major step forward in coworking technology. By prioritizing reliability, ease of use, and innovative features, WeWork is enhancing the collaborative experience for its members on an unprecedented scale. This partnership serves as a testament to the power of technology in creating exceptional workspaces.


Source: AV Interactive.

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